Health Ministry ad urging mask compliance
Health Ministry ad urging mask compliance Flash 90

The National Unit for Fraud Investigations in Lahav 433 began this morning, Sunday, an open investigation into suspicions of corruption in matters related to the Ministry of Health.

As part of the investigation, four suspects this morning were arrested for questioning under caution and a number of other suspects were detained on suspicion of committing bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Among the detainees are a public employee, a former public employee and a company manager from the medical field and another company manager from the field of lobbying. During the arrest, searches were conducted at several addresses in addition to the suspects' homes and offices.

Police noted that according to the suspicion, the public employee allegedly acted on a number of occasions together with those involved, motivated by greed, to promote and preserve the interests of large commercial companies in the economy, taking advantage of his status in complete conflict with the public interest.

The suspects were brought for questioning by police and during the day they will be brought for a hearing in the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court.

"We will continue to act wherever there is a suspicion of public corruption that violates the rules of government, with the aim of exposing improper processes and reaching an investigation into the truth," police added.

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