Police in Germany's state of Baden-Württemberg on Saturday said that firefighting teams had extinguished a fire in a synagogue in the city of Ulm.

According to reports, the fire was set early Saturday morning by an unknown individual, who can be seen on video arriving at the synagogue and pouring flammable liquid in front of the building prior to attempting to light it on fire.

The fire, which was reported to the local fire department by a witness, damaged a pane of glass and left the building's facade covered in soot, Deutsche Welle reported.

No one was injured, but German authorities have launched a manhunt for the masked suspect, the site said.

Deutsche Welle quoted State Premier Winfried Kretschmann as describing the attempted arson as a "vile attack."

"It shows the insidious face of anti-Semitism, which we oppose clearly and unambiguously," he added.

Deutsche Welle also quoted the state's Interior Minister Thomas Strobl as condemning the incident as "repulsive" and warning that anyone trying to set fire to a Jewish place of worship will be "met with the full the full force of the law."

Meanwhile, security for the Jewish community in Ulm has been "ramped up" and risk assessments are being made for Jewish facilities in other areas of Baden-Württemberg, Kretschmann's chancellery said.

Less than 24 hours earlier, on Friday afternoon, a similar incident occurred in the Jewish town of Oz Zion in Israel. In that incident, Arabs from the nearby town of Burka infiltrated Oz Zion, poured gasoline on the synagogue's wall, and attempted to light the building on fire.

Residents who saw the flames rushed to the scene and put the fire out before it fully took hold.

There have not yet been any arrests in connection with the attempted arson.