Yahya Sinwar
Yahya Sinwar Reuters

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed that "G-d has decreed" that the terror group must attack Tel Aviv, Maariv reported.

According to Sinwar, the IDF destroyed just 3% of Hamas' tunnels during the recent Operation Guardian of the Walls, and the group is capable of demolishing Tel Aviv.

"God has decreed that we must attack Tel Aviv, and there are other capabilities we have not revealed," Maariv quoted Sinwar as saying at a Gaza meeting of academics on Saturday.

According to him, Hamas and Gaza's other terror groups can "destroy Tel Aviv" if they launch 130 missiles per minute, and Hamas used just "50% of its power" during Guardian of the Walls, when it aimed to "unite the people behind Hamas."

He claimed: "Israel has failed to destroy our capabilities to resist it. Their plan to kill ten thousand fighters failed. Israel did not destroy more than 3 percent of the tunnels in Gaza. The [tunnel system] was not destroyed because we love our land and it loves us back."

Sinwar also called on the international community to invest in Gaza and promising that the funds invested will not be used to harm Israel, Maariv added.

In addition, he claimed that Israel's recent agreements with Arab countries ignore the "Palestinian" community and lead to Israeli "aggression."

According to Kan News, Sinwar also admitted that Hamas military command centers are located within civilian areas of Gaza, saying, "We worked hard to transfer, gradually, many command centers, especially from the towers and residential buildings."

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