Nadav Argaman
Nadav ArgamanFlash90

Shabak (Israel Security Agency) chief Nadav Argaman on Saturday published a harsh warning, saying that some people may interpret certain statements as a call to physical violence.

"The State of Israel has etched onto its banner the principle of freedom of expression," Argaman began. "This is an important and crucial principle in a democratic country."

"At the same time, in recent days there has been an increase and serious radicalization in the violent and inciting discourse, especially that which occurs on social media. This is a discourse which includes severe statements, while using language and expressions of division, incitement, and even calls to violence and physical harm.

"As someone who stands at the head of an organization which aims to protect the State's security and the regulations of democratic government and its institutions, I call and warn that this discourse may be interpreted among certain groups or among individuals as such which allows violent and illegal actions which may G-d forbid even end up costing in lives."

Turning to Israel's elected officials and other leaders, Argaman added: "Alongside the responsibility which rests on the shoulders of Shabak together with other the bodies of enforcement, it is also incumbent on elected officials from all across the political spectrum, influencers, religious leaders, educators, and every citizen of Israel - everyone has a heavy responsibility in these days."

"It is our obligation to issue a clear and unambiguous call to immediately cease the inciting and violent discourse. The responsibility for calming and moderating the discourse is on every person's shoulders."