Memorial in Babi Yar, Kiev, Ukraine
Memorial in Babi Yar, Kiev, UkraineiStock

A documentary about the Babi Yar massacre titled “Babi Yar. Context” by Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa was selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in July.

The two hour film uses archival footage discovered by Loznitsa, focusing on the events before and after the massacre.

The Babi Yar ravine in Kyiv, Ukraine was the site of a massacre of nearly 34,000 Jews perpetrated by Nazi forces on September 29-30, 1941.

Thousands of Ukrainians, Roma and mentally ill people were subsequently murdered during the Nazi occupation of Kyiv. Their bodies were also dumped in Babi Yar. The total number of bodies there is estimated to be about 100,000. The site is considered Europe’s largest mass grave.

The film blends archival footage with never seen before eye-witness testimony to reconstruct the historical context, and to document the years that the Nazis occupied Ukraine.

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