The mother of Al-Qassam Brigades Commander Mus’ab Hajjaj who was killed in the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas gave a speech at a rally in Khan Yunis, Gaza congratulating him on his martyrdom.

"I thanks Allah for choosing me and honouring me through the martyrdom of my son,” she said, according to a video in Arabic translated by MEMRI. “The honor of martyrdom had been bestowed upon his father before him in the Battle of Al-Furqan (2008-2009 Gaza war).”

She continued, “Let me tell you something, I vowed that what was in my womb would be dedicated to Allah. I said, 'My Lord, grant me a son, and grant him martyrdom for your sake.' And indeed, Allah accepted my vow. By Allah, I could talk for hours about Mus’ab. Who compares to him?”

She went on to say that “the Jews slew the prophets of Allah with one hand, and they distorted their sacred books with their other hand,” adding that “the time has come to hold them to account.”

She then cursed the Jews. “May their hands be paralyzed. May their hearts be ripped out. May their eyes be gouged out. Do not spare them with any (weapon) that Allah gave you.”

After that, she called for Jews to be attacked, listing many different weapons in Hamas’s arsenal, including drones, missiles, rockets, surface-to-air-missiles and sniper rifles.

“The Al-Attar missiles will fix what they have corrupted,” she said.

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