Idit Silman
Idit Silman No credit

MK Idit Silman from Yamina stated on Friday that she intends to vote for the Bennett-Lapid government despite the campaign of pressure against her.

The Yamina faction convened on Friday at the home of chairman Naftali Bennett in Raanana. The two-hour meeting was the first time the party members had met since the signing of the agreement to form the Bennett-Lapid government.

MK Nir Orbach is expected to announce his final decision on whether or not to support the coalition at the beginning of the week. The “bloc of change” is trying to organize a first meeting of the coalition party leaders on Sunday evening.

At the end of Friday’s meeting in Raanana, MK Abir Kara said, "It was an excellent meeting. Of course Bennett will be able to keep everyone around him, there will be no defectors, maybe we will also be able to bring [Amichai] Chikli. I think Chikli would also be better off coming with us because he is another strong and right-wing vote that can give us strength. He is against the government? He’ll get over it."

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