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A San Francisco man has returned a Bob Dylan record to an Ohio public library after 48 years, describing it as “not a very good album.”

The album in question, Dylan’s “Self-Portrait” from 1970, widely regarded as one of the songwriter’s worst ever albums, had been checked out of the library by Howard Simon in 1973 when he was in eight grade at University Heights middle school, reported the Guardian.

Simon recently found the double vinyl album tucked away in his record collection between to other Dylan release.

He sent the album along with a letter apologizing for the late return to the Heights Libraries, according to a press release from the library system located in suburban Cleveland.

“As a recent retiree, I am taking the opportunity to turn my attention to some of the many vignettes of life that by dint of career and family have been neglected these many years,” Simon wrote. “I am returning with the letter an overdue item by my count, approximately 17,480 days overdue as of this writing.”

Heights branch manager Sara Phillips commented upon receiving the album nearly five decades late, “We’re grateful that Mr. Simon returned the record. I’d said we can now call it even.”

She also noted that the library no longer charges fines for late returns.