London (archive)
London (archive) Nati Shohat/FLASH90

A Jewish teacher in north London is speaking out after being the target of anti-Semitic harassment in the classroom as the fighting between Israel and Hamas took place.

The teacher who did not want to be identified out of fear the abuse could escalate, told the Jewish News that they were the subject of abuse by students at their non-Jewish school.

“The whole school was full of Palestine flags, the pupils all began shouting ‘Free Palestine,'” they said. “At the beginning, I thought they were just making a statement for all the teachers, but then I realized it was targeted to me and other teachers that are Jewish.”

The teacher added that students tried to stick as many “Free Palestine” stickers on the teacher’s hair and clothing as possible, causing the teacher to break into tears and become unable to teach the class that morning.

The senior staff at the school would not offer any support for the teacher after the abuse occurred, the teacher said.

The teachers’ union, the NEU, was recently denounced by Jewish groups for sending pro-Palestinian emails to members calling on them to attend a Pro-Palestinian rally.

“I resigned immediately,” said the teacher. “They didn’t try and get me to stay, they just said if you want to resign follow this link.”