Protest against Pride March
Protest against Pride MarchYehonatan Gottleib

Thousands of people are participating in the LGBT Pride March in Jerusalem, which started this afternoon (Thursday) under heavy security by police and Border Police.

Dozens of activists from the Lehava organization staged a protest in front of the parade. The protesters were led by Benzi Gopstein.

"The leftists have given up on you and sold your rights in order to sit with Abbas. Next year the council will decide that there is no Pride Parade," Gopstein said.

MK Eli Avidar from Yisrael Beytenu participated in the march and said: "During all the demonstrations of hatred organized by the Likud and along with the efforts to form a government - we do not forget our values. I attended the Pride and Tolerance Parade in Jerusalem, an exciting event that proves that there is still room for acceptance and inclusion in our country. Change and hope are on the way .'

The EU ambassador and the Dutch ambassador to Israel also attended the LGBT parade in Jerusalem. Yesterday, a man was arrested who said he intended to harm the participants.

"זאת לא גאווה זאת תועבה" - הפגנה נגד מצעד הלהט"ב בירושלים