Heshy Tischler leads anti-lockdown protest in Brooklyn
Heshy Tischler leads anti-lockdown protest in BrooklynReuters

On Wednesday, New York City Council candidate Heshy Tischler was attacked by two men outside his Brooklyn home.

According to the New York Daily News, Tischler said that a man got out of a grey sedan in font of his home and threatened him.

Tischler, a right wing radio host, described the man saying “I think we’re going to get you. We know where you live.”

He was sitting in his car shortly after 5 p.m. waiting for his granddaughter when the incident took place. He told police that when he exited his car to record the man with his phone, the assailant slapped the phone out of his hand.

A second man then stepped out of the sedan and punched him in the head two times.

The two men drove off in the car.

Tischer told the Daily News that he recognized one of the attackers as a pro-Palestinian protestor who harassed him at a George Floyd memorial event last week.

“Borough Park is the safest neighborhood in New York City. We have two community patrols. Nobody can come in here and get away with this. The guy has the nerve to think he’s a terrorist to come to our neighborhood and try to kill me,” Tischler said.

Tischler reportedly went to the hospital on Wednesday night after complaining of dizziness, blurred vision and a headache.

“I’m a big guy. They’re not taking me down. Not until I get elected,” he added.

In a Twitter video, Tischler described what happened.

“I did not strike back. He struck me in front of many witnesses here in the streets of Borough Park,” he said. “In front of my wife, in front of my granddaughter, in front of my house, he came out here. He couldn’t knock me down. We must fight back. We must stand up.“

The assailant who was driving the car also attempted to run him over.

“He tried to run me over, he tried to hurt me,” he said. “He came to my house, and it wasn’t a mistake. He knew where I lived. He was waiting for me. And he blocked traffic to do so.”

Tischler said that the police showed up at the scene and took his report.

“I’m not going to let this happen to other people,” said the council candidate, who added, “They’re coming after me to shut me up.”