Shaked and Michaeli
Shaked and Michaeli Flash 90

The chairman of the Labor Party, MK Merav Michaeli, announced that she agrees to a rotation with Ayelet Shaked in the Judicial Appointments Committee to allow the formation of a government of the "Change Bloc"- but demanded that she be first in the rotation.

"At this sensitive time, I decided to agree to hold a rotation for serving in the Judicial Appointments Committee in a way that reflects a balance between the blocs. In the half during which the prime minister is Naftali Bennett, I will serve on the committee in the ministerial position. In the second half during which Yair Lapid is prime minister, Ayelet Shaked will serve as the minister. The MKs will serve accordingly."

"My proposal came after I gave in to Gideon Sa'ar from the right wing for the position of justice minister, and after I gave in to Ayelet Shaked for the position of interior minister. I hope that the members of the right-wing bloc will stop playing around with chairs and form a government," Michaeli said.

Shaked later said that she rejected Michaeli's proposal.

Earlier, Bennett made a different proposal whereby Yamina number 2 Ayelet Shaked would serve first in a rotation for a position on the Judicial Appointments Committee and Labor chairwoman Merav Michaeli serve second.

Shaked had responded in the affirmative to the proposal.

Explaining the compromise, the Yamina party said, "In the first half of the term, while Bennett serves as prime minister, Ayelet Shaked will serve as the government representative on the committee, and the coalition MK will be from the Labor party."

"In the second half of the term, while Lapid serves as prime minister, Merav Michaeli will replace Shaked as the government representative, and an MK from New Hope will serve as the coalition representative.

"Shaked has answered the compromise in the affirmative. The proposal was coordinated with designated Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar, and is acceptable to him."

Labor had demanded that party chairwoman Meirav Michaeli receive the position on the committee reserved for a coalition MK, while Yamina had reportedly issued an ultimatum saying that it will torpedo the planned government if MK Ayelet Shaked is not given the spot on the committee.