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Two Jewish boys were shot at with paintballs by a passing motorist while walking home from services this past Shabbat in Los Angeles.

Their father Yanky Munitz posted about the anti-Semitic attack on Facebook along with photos of the result of the hate incident.

“This past Shabbos (Saturday) at 2pm in L.A. while walking to their cousins house my 11 and 13 yr old boys were the victims of a despicable hate crime,” he wrote.

“A black (H)onda drove by and shot a paintball at them hitting my 11 yr old in the chest. Their only ‘crime’ being proud jewish boys. They were shaken up especially my 11 yr old but BH they are ok. They told me that this sick, evil and cowardly act of anti-Semitism will not deter them from displaying and being proud jewish kids! Anti-semitism of any kind especially targeting children should not and will not be tolerated! #enoughisenough #neveragain.”

The photos show Munitz’s 11-year old son with at least two paintball marks on his white dress shirt as well as a visible bruise on his skin from a paintball.

In an interview with the Algemeiner, Munitz said that his sons were wearing kippahs and tzitzit. After shooting at the boys, the car sped away before anyone could identify the driver or any passengers.

Munitz’s message to his sons was: “By being scared to go out or being scared to wear your yarmulke or anything like that, you’re allowing them to win. That’s what they want — you’re doing their job for them.”

He added that his younger son was very shaken up. “His mom spoke to him and reiterated what we’ve taught him, and he understood. He was like, ‘No, I’m gonna go.’ And he wore it proudly … he’s a tough little guy."

The family filed a report with police and spoke with an LAPD detective.