Rivlin and Herzog
Rivlin and HerzogGPO

With the results of the vote among Knesset Members, President of Israel Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday, congratulated president-elect Isaac ‘Bougie’ Herzog. The president spoke with Herzog on the phone, and also called presidential Miriam Peretz to thank her.

“I send you my warmest greetings, Mr. President!” said the president. “I can tell you that the responsibility of the role that you are about to assume is unlike anything you have done until now. The Jewish and democratic system we established here, in the land of our ancestors, has a body and soul. If the Knesset is a place of argument, as we have certainly seen recently, Beit HaNasi is a place of discourse, partnership and statehood.”

The president added, “Beit HaNasi is the ‘neshama yetera’, the additional soul of democracy. It is the home of the people, all the people of Israel. Its door is open and its ear is bended to all partners in building our home, their pains and their troubles, as well as to the fundamental issues of concern to Israeli society as a whole.”

“The title of ‘first citizen’ and the task guarding the character of the State of Israel, particularly at this point in time, are heavy responsibilities. I have no doubt that you will bear them superbly. I am proud to pass on the baton to you in a month’s time.”

Speaking to Miriam Peretz, the president said, “Dear Miriam, you have a piece of my heart, of all of our hearts. I want to thank you for setting out on this path. For your sacrifice. For the special way you chose in this campaign. For the language you taught us – the language of the heart. I know that the State of Israel will continue to be blessed by you and your wonderful ability.”

“Long live the State of Israel! Long live the President of the State of Israel!” said the president at the end of his call to president-elect Herzog.