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A man and woman were found dead Tuesday night in their apartment in the northern city of Kfar Yona.

Israel Police have opened an investigation on the incident, and are investigating a suspicion that the incident was a murder-suicide, Israel Hayom reported.

Initial investigations show that the woman, 69, was interested in separating from her 79-year-old husband, and her daughter from a previous marriage was searching for an apartment for her. After the woman's husband discovered that she intended to leave him, he shot her, and immediately afterwards shot himself.

The couple's son was the one to discover their bodies.

Neighbors told Israel Hayom that the pair were "normal." One neighbor, Meital, described them as "an older couple, who were very nice. She works as a doula in Laniado Hospital. They were pretty normal. It's a second marriage for them. My stomach churned when I heard this."

Tom, who also lives near the couple, told Israel Hayom: "I heard shots at 11:30 at night, approximately. I heard shots but I didn't understand what it was. I saw squad cars and criminal identifiers, and I understood that it was murder."

Shani told the site, "We didn't hear any shots. They lived on the top floor. We didn't hear fighting but you can't know what goes on in a home. They were a normal couple with children and grandchildren."

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