A teenage girl in California went viral after a video was posted to social media showing her pushing an adult bear off a wall to save her pet dogs on Memorial Day.

In the clip, a large bear can be seen walking along the wall with its cub when a group of dogs start barking at the larger animal to scare it off. The bear is unfazed by the barking and takes several swipes at the largest dog.

The dogs' 17-year-old owner, who has been identified only as Hailey, heard the dogs and came to see what they were barking at. When she saw the bear, she rushed forward and shoved it off of the wall before grabbing one of the smaller dogs and running away.

The bear and its cub also fled following the shove.

CCTV footage of the encounter was uploaded to TikTok, where it went viral.

All animals involved in the incident are doing fine, according to authorities.