Isaac Mizan, the last living Greek Jewish survivor of Auschwitz, has died at the age of 94.

“Holocaust survivor Isaac Mizan has passed away in Athens, aged 94. He was the last living Jewish Greek survivor of Auschwitz. Mizan and family were deported from their hometown of Arta in March 1944. Only he and one sister survived. May his memory be a blessing,” tweeted the World Jewish Congress.

Mizan was from the Jewish community of Arta in northwest Greece, a community that no longer exists.

He was born in Arta in 1927. He lived there until 1961, moving away for Athens at the age of 35 as the last Jew of Arta.

Mizan was the youngest child of Joseph and Anette Mizan. He was arrested along with 351 other Jews of Arta in 1944. He was sent to Auschwitz and then to Bergen-Belsen.

He returned him to Arta in 1945.

Out of the 12 members of his family sent to Auschwitz, only three survived and returned home.

Dimitris Vlachopanos who wrote Mizan’s biography, told Greek City Times that the pre-war Jewish community of Arta was approximately 400 to 500 people, and that it had two synagogues and a school. By the start of World War II, the population had fallen to about 400. Of those, 352 were placed on death trains and only 23 returned.

Some left for Athens and others for the State of Israel.