Journalist and publicist Dr. Gadi Taub took part on Sunday evening in a demonstration outside the home of Ayelet Shaked in Tel Aviv, and called on the members of Yamina not to form a government with the left-wing parties and Ra'am.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Taub said, "This is the first time that there will be a post-Zionist government in Israel, which relies on left-wing parties that have disengaged from Zionism and on an Arab party that will block any attempt at enforcement against those who rioted against Jews during the 2021 riots."

"The people who are crowning this government are people who call themselves right-wing, the depth of the corruption cannot be described. A total sale of all values ​​in exchange for seats and then they put on a show, 'We know we are paying a price in our base'. What do you mean you're paying a price? You took the votes of your base and sold them for seats, you sold them to anyone who stood on the other side after you swore you would not do it and that it was a spin and a lie," he continued.

"It is true that someone had to break promises in order to form a government, but not sell all their values. They sold the main thing in order to create seats for themselves," Taub charged.

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