Netanyahu, Bennett,Lapid, Abbas
Netanyahu, Bennett,Lapid, Abbas Flash 90/TPS

As a supporter of Israel living in America, I worry for Israel’s economy, Israel’s security, tourism, diplomacy and more. Can a country be properly run after four elections, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has been unable to form a government after all this?

How does the State set policies, how does one govern, how does it function when there is no ability to plan beyond the next election which can come at any minute?

Many people world wide and in Israel, recognize Prime Minister Netanyahu has been an amazing leader for the State of Israel. He’s been great on so many levels – security, diplomatically establishing peace with so many Arab nations, economically. He deserves thanks from all of us who love Israel - but maybe the time for a change has come? Is not a country larger than one man?

To read a statement this morning from the Likud Party which says Naftali Bennett wants to be “…prime minister at any price,” seems laughable. This, from the Likud Party who can establish a so-called “right wing” government by having Netanyahu resign and any one of his disciples take his place? Netanyahu – the master of politicians – says someone else wants to be the leader at any price?

If Nir Barkat or Yisrael Katz or any other front-runner in Likud would have become the head of the Party, then Gideon Saar and Bennett and others would partner with Likud and there would be a government. This isn’t about the Likud – it's about their not willing to join a government headed by Netanyahu.

At what point is the country more important than the individual?

Rightfully, Bennett said today, “How many times do we have to batter the state [with elections] in order to come to the realization that there can be no right-wing government?- Netanyahu doesn’t have a government — that’s a fact. We can either form a government or go to new elections, which would destroy the Right.

"We have red lines, and we will stand by them. We won’t surrender land and we won’t harm the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. The easiest thing to do is to entrench yourself in your position and pour fuel on the fire, as others have done. That’s how you tear a country apart.”

Naftali Bennett is a liberal Modern Orthodox Jew - he served in the elite Israel Defense Forces Sayeret Matkal unit, is a self-made success story, a stalwart nationalist, traditional Jew, who embodies the Start-Up Nation. Bennett is not the enemy of the right-wing, and politicians sometimes should serve the people rather than their own political interests.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Ronn Torossian is a Public Relations professional who founded 1 of the 15 largest PR firms in the U.S..