Is there a time traveler on TikTok? It seems to be a hot question on social media right now. Since February, an account called UnicoSobreViviente has been gaining traction as they are posting videos claiming to be from the future.

Even more than that, all of the videos show deserted public spaces and is said that there are no people besides the one behind the camera.

Obviously, this is a fairly amazing claim and has caught people’s interest. Israel-born, Spain resident David Zazoff has gone on a journey to find the truth about the whole situation. After being intrigued by the initial video, he’s followed along and is hunting to find the man insisting he’s stuck in 2027.

He’s the only one who says he’s actually caught a glimpse of the time traveler, but has yet to produce any visual evidence of the encounter.

How did this all start?

The rise of the UnicoSobreViviente account was extremely quick. The first video they posted gained millions of views after a couple of days. Since that original post in February, they have taken on over 3 million followers on TikTok, and also started posting on Instagram where they have over 500,000 followers.

In their bio, they list themself as a man named Javier who is from Spain. The vidoes are all very similar in style. He is walking through the empty areas around the city of Valencia with creepy music playing underneath.

It’s easiest to say he is from the future and use time travel to describe what he’s doing.

Although “Time Travel” might not be the most appropriate word for Javier’s situation. He doesn’t actually say that he’s a time traveler. Instead, he’s claiming that he’s living in a parallel universe that is in 2027 but is void of all animal life.

So the physical structures of the world are the same as they would be. The only difference in that universe is that Javier is the only person or animal in the whole place.

Searching for proof

Javier is not the only person on TikTok who claims to be from the future. Other users like @timetraveler2582 also insist they are outside our linear timeline. But some of their main schtick is making specific predictions about ensuing years.

That’s where UnicoSobreViviente is a little bit different. He’s not prophesizing anything, he’s only showing his followers what his situation is.

This style of documentation is what drew David Zazoff in on the hunt. He set out and wants to either find out how this is happening, or prove that it’s some sort of trick.

After leaving Tel-Aviv, he set out to Valencia to track down this eerie social media influencer. Being a city of nearly 800,000 people (that still exist), it was a tall task to zone in on who and where to search.

There hasn’t been much of a pattern in what location the TikToks are filmed, so the strategy he used was to go to where the crowds were not. This brought him all over the city, knowing he wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

Eventually, he claims a Javier sighting happened. As he was outside the Casa cuartel, he spotted him walking down the sidewalk. Before he had a chance to capture Javier on video, he had turned a corner. He chased him down, but as soon as he came around, there was nobody there.

A video was posted from the Casa Cuartel after the supposed encounter, giving him even more assurance of the sighting.

It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t get any definitive proof because now all anybody has to go on is his word. Even without the video evidence though, David Zazoff is confident he saw Javier, and is comfortable taking on any skeptics.

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