glasses from Meron victims
glasses from Meron victims Police spokesperson

A month has passed since the deadly disaster in Meron and the Israeli police have many dozens of pieces of clothing and other personal items left by those who were there during the tragic incident.

45 people perished during the disaster.

The police have been able to locate and return many dozens of items, including telephones, credit cards, watches and other items to the families of those who perished in the disaster. The return of these items was emotional for many of the families, for whom these items constitute a tangible and last memory of their loved ones.

However, despite the great investigative effort, the police still have dozens of items in their possession whose owners remain unknown. It is clear to the police officers involved in the effort that among these are the most important items for the various families.

An examination of the items reveals that there are dozens of hats of different types, pairs of shoes, dozens of pairs of glasses in different conditions, and various articles of clothing.

An effort is currently being made to return all the items to the families and for this purpose there is a special center for public inquiries. The public is asked to call 08-9545345 during the hours of 9-3 between Sunday and Thursday.

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