Bennett in a kaffiyeh
Bennett in a kaffiyehFrom social media

The cyber unit of the Lahav 433 unit of the Israel Police has opened an investigation after photos were published on social media in which Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett is seen wearing a kaffiyeh, with the caption "the liar" above it.

Meanwhile, demonstrations were held on Saturday night outside Bennett's home in Raanana and outside the home of Ayelet Shaked and Gideon Sa'ar in Tel Aviv.

Right-wing activists, including voters of Yamina, plan to protest outside Bennett and Shaked’s homes on Sunday night in order to put pressure on them not to form a left-wing government in stark contrast to the commitment they made before the election.

In the meantime, Yesh Atid has reached coalition agreements with three of the seven parties that are supposed to be part of the coalition - Yisrael Beytenu, Meretz and Labor, and hopes to reach agreements in the next two days with Blue and White and New Hope.

On Thursday night, the Likud submitted a final proposal to Bennett, according to which if a government is formed, he will serve as Defense Minister and Prime Minister in a rotation for a year and a half, after Netanyahu, and if no government is formed, Yamina will be guaranteed six spots on the Likud slate in the next election.