Israel Police on Saturday evening arrested an Arab suspected of hurling firebombs at the home of a Jewish family in Lod.

In the incident, which occurred Thursday night, at least two firebombs were thrown at an apartment in the Sha'ar Ha'ir neighborhood of Lod. The family was sleeping in their home at the time of the attack.

No one was injured, but the suspects escaped the scene.

The Saturday night arrest is the first in connection with the attack.

According to police data, the "Law and Order" operation has seen 348 people arrested, mostly from Arab towns. In addition, since the beginning of the riots, 1,938 people have been arrested and 175 indictments were filed, some of them against more than one suspect.

Earlier this month, Yigal Yehoshua, a 56-year-old Lod resident, died after a lynching by Arab rioters, who beat him and threw a brick at him, causing a head injury.