Cable car disaster
Cable car disaster Reuters

Eitan Biran, 5, the sole survivor of a cable car crash in Italy which killed 14 people, woke up in a Turin, Italy, hospital and began asking for his parents.

According to the Daily Mail, when Eitan woke to find his aunt, Aya (41) standing beside him at the hospital, he said he has "a sore throat" before asking where he was, why his aunt was there, and where his parents were.

Giovanni La Valle, general manager of Turin's Regine Margherita Children's Hospital, told BILD that, "Sometimes Eitan asks about his parents, but whatever: his aunt is always with him."

Eitan's aunt, who works as a doctor in Italy, has been at his beside together with his grandmother.

It is not clear if Eitan is knows that his parents, Amit Biran and Tal Peleg-Biran, great-grandparents Barbara and Yitzchak Cohen, and two-year-old brother Tom died in the crash.

Eitan, who according to a hospital spokesperson suffered multiple broken bones, regained consciousness on Wednesday, and his condition began to improve on Thursday.

He was saved when his father, who realized they were falling, pulled him into a tight embrace, a hospital spokesperson said.

Earlier this week, Italian authorities arrested three people on suspicion they “tampered with” the cable car’s safety brake system in order to avoid delays.