A Canadian imam said during a recent sermon that Muslim enmity of Jews is “just and sensible,” explaining the “people of faith hate the (Jew) because of their disbelief in Allah,” “because of their rejection and denial of the prophets” and because of their “injustice towards the people.”

Delivering remarks at a Friday sermon in the Muslim Youth of Victoria Islamic Centre on May 21, which was filmed and posted on social media on May 24, Imam Younus Kathrada also said that “the enmity of the Jews towards the believers is unjust, where as the enmity of the believers towards the Jews is just and sensible.”

He continued, “If you do not hate the opponents of Allah you have no faith. Go find yourself a church. Go find yourself a synagogue, but the place for you is not the mosque if you do not hate those who curse Allah and insult him.”

He added that “we have not ever called for violence toward others” but later said “Oh Allah, give strength to Islam and Muslims, humiliate the infidels and the polytheists and destroy the enemies of Islam. Oh Allah, grant victory to those who wage jihad for your sake everywhere.”

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