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A UK Jewish nurse who works at the Royal London Hospital was harassed by two men in a hospital elevator, with one screaming at her, “I want to kill all your people.”

Hadasa Mayerfeld, 27, is a neonatal intensive care nurse who has worked at the hospital for four years caring for babies, reported the Jewish Chronicle.

In a Facebook post, Mayerfeld recounted the verbal assault.

She said that for the previous few weeks, she had made a point of covering up her Magen David necklace at work, “just for my own safety.”

However, as she was riding in the elevator, a man noticed her necklace. The man was not an employee of the hospital.

“Today, as I was in the lift after going downstairs to pray, 2 guys were in the lift with me and one turned to me and said 'So you don't support free Palestine?' I replied - I'm Jewish,” she wrote. “His response, as he squares up in my face - 'how can someone who comes from people who kill all our innocent children get a job working here? I want to kill all your people!’”

A second man in the elevator, dressed in a Muslim religious robe, laughed as he watched Mayerfeld being verbally assaulted.

She added that she now felt scared to be identified as Jewish at her workplace.

She wrote, “So even in my own workplace, where I spend hours on end caring for babies from all walks of life. Every race, every religion, every ethnicity. I care for each of them. With so much love and devotion to give them all the care they need. Even at work I need to be scared to stand up for my religion and my belief?!”

Mayerfeld told the Jewish Chronicle that she was “shaken” as she left the elevator and that she reported the incident to the Community Security Trust (CST), a UK organization that protects British Jews from anti-Semitism.

Mayerfeld, who spoke to security after the incident, said that she will be making a formal complaint in the next few days.