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On Wednesday, Republicans in the Kansas House approved a measure stating their solidarity with Israel and condemning Hamas as “terrorists” after the eleven days of fighting in which Hamas launched over 4,000 rockets into Israel.

The House passed the resolution 83-27. It will be sent to representatives of the Israeli government in the US, reported the Associated Press.

There was a short but boisterous debate on the measure, with the two most liberal members of the House accusing the resolution of ignoring the Israeli government’s actions against the Palestinian Arabs.

The resolution said that Kansas viewed Israel as a “trusted ally” and “endeavours to work toward peace” while guaranteeing “security for Israel’s people, neighbors and citizens of the world.”

It condemned Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

Israel has "been a great partner to us, and we just wanted to acknowledge that to them,” said Republican state representative Chris Croft.

All the votes against the resolution came from Democrats. Four Democrats voted in favor.

Democrat state representative Boog Highberger argued against the motion, accusing the resolution of “supporting (Israel’s) murder of civilians.”

Another Democratic state representative Aaron Coleman, who is Jewish, said, “The American revolutionaries — they used violence to get our independence, and now the Palestinians are using the same tactics that George Washington embraced to get their independence.”