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A UK Jewish charity that works with children and adults with learning disabilities had its social media profile hacked by pro-Palestinian activists.

The Jewish Chronicle reported that on Thursday afternoon, the profile picture on Norwood’s Instagram account was changed to a Palestinian flag alongside the words “Free Palestine, End Apartheid.”

A second photo of a Palestinian flag was uploaded to the account’s page with the slogan calling for genocide against Jews, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Both images were later removed by Norwood.

“As a British charity, our duty is to support vulnerable members of the British Jewish community and, as such, we condemn as abhorrent all hate crimes,” a spokesperson for Norwood told the Chronicle.

Danny Stone, Director of Antisemitism Policy Trust, called the incident “disgusting.”

“The depths to which people will sink. Targeting and hacking a UK Jewish charity working to support children, families and people with learning disabilities to make a political point about a foreign conflict,” he tweeted.