Rami Garor
Rami GarorArutz Sheva

The Israel Employment Service on Thursday morning reported that since March 17, 2021, the unemployment stipends of 50,000 job seekers have been temporarily frozen until the recipients' eligibility can be confirmed.

The Employment Service estimates that a large percentage of these job seekers will be found to be eligible and their stipends will be returned to them, while many others will be found to be ineligible and their stipends will be canceled.

Israel Employment Service Director General Rami Garor said: "For a significant percentage of job seekers, the unemployment payments went from being a safety net to being an obstacle to their returning to work. The Employment Service has one purpose: To return and integrate as many job seekers as possible to the workforce, in the best, most significant, and quickest way possible."

"To this end, we are using the full repertoire of tools in order to remove any obstacle which makes it difficult for job seekers to return to the workforce."

He added that this aid can mean offering "advice and guidance, improving professional and work skills, or canceling the stipend when the law requires it. We will not rush to cancel a stipend, but we will also not hesitate: We use discretion and work with the greatest sensitivity in order to ensure that the job seekers return to the workforce in the best way possible."