May Golan in the Knesset
May Golan in the Knesset Noam Moshkowitz

Just as we were beginning to process Prime Minister Netanyahu's forced capitulation to the Biden Administration's pressure to de-escalate and unconditionally cease-fire, we were treated to another surprise: Less than five days later Israeli leaders unlocked the gates to Gaza, permitting the flow of "humanitarian aid" back in, along with repairmen from the IEC to help those poor, war-torn, battle-weary Palestinian Arabs - none of whom protested the rockets placed in their homes, schools and hospitals - recover.

As if that were not enough of an insult to the long-suffering, traumatized Jews of Southern Israel and the Coast, Defense Minister Benny Ganz tried pulling the wool over their and our Jewish eyes by promising changes to the way Qatar transfers money to Gaza. Mind you, not to prevent Qatari billions from being used by Hamas for building new terror tunnels or pipe bombs, but rather, to quote Ganz, "to strengthen the Palestinian Authority, at the expense of Hamas."

As if the Palestinian Authority had our best interests at heart! During this latest spate, the PA did not hesitate to cheer on rioting Israeli Arabs or their Democrat squads in Washington or the rapidly rising numbers of their supporters who have come out of the woodwork to spew anti-Semitic vitriol and violence against Jews. Nevertheless, the handful of Israeli politicians who seem to forget what a minority they are in the country, forged ahead eagerly to restart negotiations towards a two-state solution in meetings this week with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Still, all of this pales in comparison to the shocking scene we saw take place on Monday in the Knesset. Likud MK May Golan, who serves on Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity's Israeli Board of Directors, came to the Knesset podium to register her grief and righteous anger over the anti-Semitic violence perpetrated against Jews last week by Arabs in Israel's so called "mixed- cities" that included the deliberate desecration of our holy Sifrei Kodesh and torching of more than ten synagogues, r"l.

Seated next to the podium, appointed to chair the session, sat a clearly annoyed Mansour Abbas, head of the Islamist Ra'am party that not long ago was part and parcel of the anti-Israel Arab Joint List. A roly-poly wolf in sheep's clothing, Abbas immediately began trying to silence May.

Undeterred, a few minutes later, May reverently unwrapped a holy book, a Chumash, she had brought with her from one of the sites set on fire by Israeli Arab mobs and held it up as an example of the sacrilege committed. Abbas cried "Asur, Asur, VERBOTEN!, Guards go and remove it!" A kippah clad Ethiopian, whose Elders walked thousands of miles to reach the Holy Land of Israel for their devotion to Hashem and our holy Torah, began pulling on the Chumash but May held on and passionately, eloquently continued making her point while another MK, presumably an Arab, began mocking her.

May's parting words: M'chablim, M'chablim meaning saboteurs, fifth column, terrorists - could not have rung more true. Yet no one rose to defend her or cried out over the sight of the burned and blackened Chumash. The silence was deafening and difficult to comprehend.

We were told Knesset rules prohibit bringing props into the plenum.

Since when did a Chumash - the Torah - become a "prop"?!

Since when did a Chumash desecrated by Goyim, especially in Eretz Yisroel, become a "prop"?!

Since when are Jewish voices protesting a pogrom organized against Jews and upon our Sifrei and K'lei Kodesh forbidden to be heard in the State of Israel's Knesset?

Wasn't the modern State of Israel founded, in part, to be a refuge for Jews fleeing these kinds of atrocities?

There are always exceptions to the rules - surely for the sake of a burnt Chumash one could be made!

הציגה חומש שרוף מלוד והורדה מהדוכן

Tamar Adelstein and Faige Lobel head Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel In two weeks, the group will hold its annual tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the day of his Yom Hillula, Gimmel Tammuz, June 13th. Commemorating the Rebbe's leadership in the realm of fostering true peace, security, and sovereignty, known as Shleimus HaAretz, they also plan to honor May Golan for her courageous stand against self-hating Israeli policies.

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