Pro-Armenian demo
Pro-Armenian demoHadas Frisch Flash 90
"Am I correct in having the impression that the 3,000 Armenians killed, thousands wounded and 100,000 displaced (all victims of the Azerbaijani-Turks) during 44 days of war in Karabakh, caused less noise and less emotion than 11 days of war and 248 Palestinian deaths?" . A French journalist, Jean-Christoph Buisson, is asking a good questions.

It is the bombings of Erdogan that do not make news and noise. The United Nations, which immediately gathered on Gaza, did not say a word about the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression against the Armenians and the Kurds.

The Islamic world, with Erdogan in the lead, was able to turn Covid restrictions on the Damascus Gate into an "Israeli aggression", while the same Turkish-backed forces wiped out churches, monasteries, cathedrals, cemeteries and crosses from the Armenian territory.

Then there are the Kurds, who have been our most faithful allies in the war against ISIS ... In the past month, Turkey has been engaged in a military attack on Iraqi Kurdistan. They used F-16s, F-4 Terminators and other hi-tech weapons to target Kurdish positions in northern Iraq. Families fled their homes in terror. Their livelihoods were destroyed. It is Turkey’s 40-year war that led to the deaths of some 20,000 Kurdish civilians and the destruction of at least 2,500 Kurdish villages. Hundreds of Kurdish villagers have been forced to flee to the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan in recent days due to Turkish bombing and have been replaced by jihadists imported from Syria, the Star says.

A farmer from Barwari Bala, in the mountainous province of Duhok, on the border with Turkey, revealed to the Morning Star that he had abandoned his land and his home due to the Turkish bombing: "...been bombed. Most of us are gone, there is nothing for us. Our future is destroyed and our homes are given to ISIS. We are civilians: peasants, children. Why do they do it? The world does nothing to help us because we are Kurds. Everyone wants to kill us ”.

More than 2,000 Islamist mercenaries have been recruited by Erdogan to support the Turkish military operation against the Kurds. In October, Cemil Bayik, president of the Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK), reported that Islamist mercenaries were being trained in Turkey's largely Kurdish southeastern Sirnak province. This is exactly what happened against Armenia, where arrested Islamist mercenaries said they were paid for every Armenian killed.

"If, all over the world, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict electrifies and mobilizes crowds otherwise indifferent to the situation of Uyghurs in China, to the slow disappearance of Eastern Christians, to African convulsions, to the fate reserved for Afghan women by the announced return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the interminable civil war in Syria, it is because Israel is a Jewish state ”.

This is how the essayist and intellectual Alain Finkielkraut, who two years ago was violently attacked on the street in Paris, expresses himself in Le Figaro.

"Muslims obsessed with the Palestinian cause see the presence and prosperity of a Jewish state in the heart of the Middle East as an insufferable affront and humiliation”. All over Europe the demonstrations have degenerated into anti-Semitism.

“Those in Western countries who foment hatred of Jews abhor anti-Semitism. The virtuous media themselves brazenly support Hamas' propaganda in denouncing the ‘massacres’ committed by the Israeli army in Gaza. The hell of hate is paved with good anti-racist intentions. 'Palestinian Lives Mater', they say without worrying about the religious dimension of the dispute that haunts them. For the 'left Islamists', Muslims are both the Jews and the proletarians of the 21st century. They are all the more determined to give them unconditional support because the working class and the traditional people have turned away from them ”.

There was a political choice. “They know that the residents of the so-called 'working-class neighborhoods' overwhelmingly identify with the Palestinians, so they rely on this ever-growing number of people to one day come to power. The left masks its abandonment of the Jews with the fight against Islamophobia ”.

Ah, if only the Israelis and the Armenians had been Muslims…