The front gate of Chabad of Noe Valley’s preschool in San Francisco was vandalized with hateful anti-Israel messages on May 14, reported the website.

Teachers who arrived at the preschool discovered black graffiti that said “Israil terror” and “Death to Israil” on the walls next to the front gate, with Israel misspelled in both instances.

The Gan Noe Preschool has approximately 30 children, with a curriculum that is driven by “our Jewish values, environment and school culture.” The school encourages “kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility.”

“It was very unsettling to think that someone would take out their rage on children, and express themselves in such an unsettling way,” said Rabbi Gedalia Potash in an interview with the Jewish News of Northern California.

Potash said that the San Francisco Police Department is investigating the incident. The FBI was also contacted.

Subsequent to the vandalism, the Chabad center hired a security guard to monitor the preschool. They are also using a team of volunteers to guard the front entrance during Shabbat services.

To counter the hateful graffiti, the preschoolers decorated a banner celebrating Shabbat.

“They hung it up for the whole neighborhood to wish them a Shabbat Shalom,” said Potash.

He said that their message is “not cower to intimidation like this. We are going to show we are a peaceful people.”