Attack on Gaza (illustrative)
Attack on Gaza (illustrative) Reuters

The Egyptian delegation has suggested Hamas renew talks with Israel regarding prisoner swaps, Israel Hayom reported.

The report, which quoted Lebanon's Al Akhbar newspaper, said that the terror organization is in favor of renewing negotiations, and that Israel is the one refusing to pay a price for the release of its citizens. The terror group also said that there is no point in attempting to connect the release of Israel's soldiers and civilians with the rehabilitation of Gaza, since Hamas "cannot be blackmailed."

Al Akhbar also reported that Gaza's terror organizations sent a message to the Egyptian delegation warning that the ceasefire is drawing to a close, as Israel is not keeping its "commitments" and as such is "pushing the opposition towards a renewed escalation."

They added that "the attempt by Israel to force any new balance of power on Gaza is being done behind the backs of the Palestinians." The message included a threat that any attack on Gaza would be met with an attack of equal force, especially in light of Israel's attempts to "force a new balance of power" with regards to everything connected to the launching of rockets and incendiary balloons.

The report also said that Egypt told Hamas that they had warned Israel against targeted eliminations of terror leaders, and that they were committed to finding a solution for the closure of the Gaza-Israel crossings and to fixing the power lines leading into Gaza, which were damaged by rocket launches. These issues, the terror groups said, are not negotiable and failure to correct them will lead to a failure in the Egyptian negotiation efforts.