Air strike in Gaza
Air strike in Gaza Reuters

Approximately 4,360 attempts to launch rockets and mortar shells from Gaza toward Israel were made since the beginning of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

About 3,400 of the rockets and mortars crossed the Gaza Strip, exploded in open areas or were intercepted by Iron Dome fighters with about 90% success. Throughout Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF hit about 800 rockets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday, following the conclusion of the operation, that "Hamas itself does not yet know how much has been hit," and that "the damage will be revealed over time."

"We did innovative and daring things without being dragged into an adventure. If we had to enter Gaza we would do it, but I thought the goal could be achieved in other ways. I wanted to avoid unnecessary cost in human life. We caused maximum damage to Hamas at the lowest price to Israel."

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