In a video of an audio recording published on Sky News Arabic and tweeted by Israeli-Arab social activist Yoseph Haddad, a shocking conversation can be heard between an IDF representative (speaking in Arabic) and a resident of Gaza.

Following its usual practice, the IDF informed residents of a building of its intention to bomb it, and warned them to evacuate in advance. In the event that phone calls and text messages are insufficient, the IDF sometimes "roof-knocks," dropping a small explosive device on the roof to scare people into leaving.

This time, the IDF representative calling came up against stubborn resistance to the idea of evacuation:

IDF: “Listen, we are going to bomb the building.”

Gazan: “You want to bomb? Bomb whatever you want.”

IDF: “No brother, we need to do everything we can so you don’t die.”

Gazan: “We want to die.”

IDF: “But you have a responsibility for the children’s lives.”

Gazan: “If the children need to die, then they’ll die.”

IDF: “G-d forbid, G-d forbid. What, do you want to die?”

Gazan: “This is how we reveal your cruelty.”