Tribute to IDU in Haifa
Tribute to IDU in HaifaIDU public relations

With the mass of extra police forces withdrawing from central cities to the Judea and Samaria regions and the eyes of the nation tensely trained on Israel’s southern border, many missed the ceremony being held in by some of the upper crust of Haifa’s officials. In a heart-warming show of appreciation, numerous leaders of the Haifa area and Zevulun precinct gathered to express their thanks to the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) for its endless support in locating missing persons, both in the Haifa area and throughout the country.

Zevulun is no stranger to missing persons - approximately 1000 cases are opened there annually. The IDU, a non-profit specializing in search and rescue, helps search for such people on a volunteer basis, bringing to the field proprietary search management technology, the latest UAVs on the market, and their eponymous working dogs, each one specially selected for the operation at hand. Veteran searchers from the organization note that searches carry on no matter how long it takes, how harsh the terrain may be, or - more relevant of late - the many threats facing Israel at the moment.

The salute to the IDU was attended by, among others, Deputy Commissioner Nir Yonah, Zevulun governor Amos Netzer, and numerous other police officers and governmental representatives.

The director of the IDU’s Haifa chapter commented “We would like to take this opportunity to return your salute - we thank all those in the Zevulun precinct and the rest of the country who have committed themselves to save lives, despite the difficult times in which we find ourselves.”