In times of turmoil for Israel, Dov Hikind has always tried to be in the Jewish State to do his part for the Jewish people.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva from Jerusalem, Hikind, the chairman of Americans Against Antisemitism, said that Jews have to be there fore Israel in all situations, good and bad.

“Not just when the sun is shining but you have to be there when it’s raining, or hailing. You always have to be there.”

All his life, when he showed up in Israel at difficult times, he’s heard “You come now?” But that’s exactly the point.

“We are all one family and we better remember that if we want to survive because the challenges are unbelievable right now,” he said. “Things are way out of control.”

For Hikind, the situation in Israel will resolve itself but more worrying is the anti-Semitism spreading all over the world seemingly unchecked.

“They always said it was anti-Zionism. We always knew that was a lie. You see what’s going on all over the world. It’s about Jews.”

He called the surge in worldwide anti-Semitism a “very difficult predicament.”

“We need to be strong, we need to be proud and never afraid, and (we need) to do what’s right.”

Not enough is being done to counter all the anti-Semitism and support the State of Israel worldwide. The violent attacks on Jews in North American cities are barely gaining any reaction.

“It is a vicious hate. Jews being beaten up. Jews being attacked. It’s insane what’s going on and there’s not enough of a reaction.”

Hikind wants to know why the anti-Semites have been allowed to be “out there in force.”

“They have been empowered. Let’s keep in mind, who are they supporting? They’re supporting a terrorist group, Hamas, an organization that openly, not secretly, is dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel. They don’t want Jews there period.”

He noted that Hamas is being openly supported by far left Democrats like Omar, Tlaib, AOC and Bernie Sanders.

“Democrats in America, let me say this very clearly, they are empowering Hamas. Hamas is thrilled with Bernie Sanders and with AOC and Tlaib and Omar.”

The Democrats are talking about a ceasefire but he wants to know how Israelis are supposed to go through this same scenario every few years.

Hikind wants to ask Democrats how they would react if a city in the US was being attacked with thousands of rockets. Would they want a strong reaction or would they have compassion for the terrorists?

Of course everyone feels horrible when children die in Gaza, he said, but he placed the blame squarely on Hamas.

“The State of Israel is doing what every civilized democratic country in the world would do and that is to defend its citizens,” he said.

He also spoke out against those critics of Israel who claim that because the death toll has not been equal between Israel and Hamas, that somehow Israel is at fault, and that more Jews have to die for Israel to be able to morally fight back.

“Enough Jews have died for being Jews. No more,” he said. “Just because we have the Iron Dome and more Jews haven’t died so Israel is overreacting? It is protecting its people.”

For Hiking, the lack of large-scale response from American’s Jewish community is puzzling and upsetting. He wonders if Jews have become too comfortable in America, figuring that up until recently “America was ‘all wonderful’ with very little anti-Semitism.”

“Where are the Jewish organizations? Why have there not been a million Jews in the streets of New York? What’s going on? What are they waiting for? Why aren’t they speaking out? Where’s the anger? Where’s the passion? Where’s the love of Israel? I’m dumbfounded that nothing has happened.”

He called out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for not speaking out as over 3,000 rockets have been fired at Israel.

“For 25 years Schumer came to Jewish community events and said, ‘My name means ‘shomer.” Where has The Shomer been? Can you find him? Does anyone know where he’s hiding? How depressing. Such a powerful individual who holds such a powerful position and represents New York and you can’t find him. We should get flashlights and look for him and see where he is.”

Hikind is pessimistic that America and the world are going downhill in terms of the sharp resurgence of anti-Semitism. He doesn’t have much hope but he holds out a ray of optimism, saying we must not give up.

“We have to wake up… We have to do our part,” he said, noting we must remain vigilant.

He continued, “Look what’s going on with the Democratic Party today. It’s unreliable…. Wake up America. Wake up Jewish community.”

Everyone needs to do their part, he reiterated.

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