Police in Montreal, Quebec on Tuesday arrested two men who allegedly uttered threats to members of the Jewish community in suburb Cote St-Luc, reported CBC News.

A 19 and 20-year old were arrested and the hate crime unit is investigating.

On Facebook, Côte St-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein wrote that police have increased patrols around synagogues and Jewish community buildings after violent incidents related to protests over the weekend.

He is urging community members to notify police if they see any suspicious activity.

"Everybody has a right to demonstrate, but we would hope that whatever your opinions are that you do it with respect peacefully," Brownstein said.

The arrests of the two men come in the aftermath of multiple attacks by pro-Palestinian protestors on Sunday against the participants in a pro-Israel rally, along with a Saturday pro-Palestinian protest that featured anti-Semitic signs and destroying a glass wall at Westmount Square home to the Israeli consulate, reported The Suburban.

Police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant told the Suburban that the men were observed driving around and threatening local residents.

“We have many officers patrolling the area, so with the information we got, we were able to arrest the two men, ages 19 and 20, linked to the threats...made toward Jewish people. We’re investigating (whether the two committed a hate crime). The two were transported to a detention centre, and they will be met by investigators,” he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement on Wednesday addressing the wave of anti-Semitic incidents in Montreal.

“I am deeply disturbed by recent reports of anti-Semitic acts in Montreal and across the country. This intimidation and violence is absolutely unacceptable - and it must stop immediately. There is no place for hate of any kind in Canada,” he stated.