Attacks in Gaza
Attacks in GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen (Likud) on Thursday morning refused to respond to the estimates that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will go into effect Friday.

"We see that there is significant international pressure, we see that Hamas sources are begging for a ceasefire," Cohen told Reshet Bet. "We will end the operation when we decide that we have accomplished our desired goals."

He emphasized that the goals of Operation Guardian of the Walls include damaging Hamas infrastructure as well as harming the terror organization's officials, including top officials.

"We saw in the last battle that from the State of Israel's perspective, there are no 'holy cows' - all Hamas officials were targets, including for eliminations and harming infrastructure," Cohen said.

"Hamas is hiding in tunnels - I don't see bravery in that. [Mohammed] Deif, as we speak, is hiding 30 meters underground, like a coward."

Regarding the demand to condition a ceasefire on the return of the missing Israelis, Cohen said: "As of now, there was no discussion in the cabinet regarding a ceasefire, so the issue of bringing back the Israelis has not been discussed. We are committed to their return."