the car after the lynching attempt
the car after the lynching attemptself

Yossi and Sharon Cohen (not their real names) barely escaped from a brutal lynching attempt near Arad in the south last week. Though their car was destroyed, they managed to escape with their lives.

The harrowing ordeal was revealed in a recording which was obtained exclusively by Arutz Sheva. In the recording, Yossi and Sharon can be heard speaking to their attackers as they attempted to call their parents and the police.

יוסי לערבים שתקפו אותו: "אנא מג'נון"

Haim, Yossi's father, along with Adva, Yossi's mother (pseudonyms), begged the police to send a unit and at one point begged Yossi to use his personal weapon to protect himself and his wife from death.

The two were attacked by dozens of Arabs who ambushed them at the Shoket junction on Road 31 in the direction of Arad. Yossi, the driver, stopped at a police checkpoint about a kilometer and a half before the scene of the incident and asked the police how to continue in the direction of the Dead Sea.

The police gave him instructions to continue straight towards the next checkpoint and said that there he would receive further instructions. About a kilometer and a half after the police checkpoint the driver spotted burning tires and about twenty Arabs gathered near the tires.

The only way to escape was to drive fast in order to get around the tires and not have to face the Arab mob. After driving several meters the driver drove over a barbed wire fence laid on the road by the mob. The front of the vehicle, the tires and the bottom of the vehicle were completely destroyed. The vehicle stopped and the mob started running towards the vehicle and throwing stones at the driver and his wife.

The couple called Yossi's parents and asked them to help them call the police. Meanwhile, Yossi got out of the vehicle and stood up to the mob, threatening that if he had to, he would use the gun he was carrying.

The call to the parents has been recorded and is now being published for the first time. In the recording of the minutes of terror, Yossi is heard shouting at the Arabs who are attacking him to stay away, as well as shouting at them in Arabic and warning them. Sharon begs for help and Adva begs the police to send a unit there. At one point Haim asks his son to use his weapon.

Finally Yossi fired three times into the air and the mob hesitated to approach him any further. After a few minutes the Arab mob started to gather again and more Arabs came to join the attempted lynching. Two Arab drivers stopped next to Yossi and told him they had come to his aid.