Molotov cocktail attack (illustration)
Molotov cocktail attack (illustration)ISTOCK

The Israel Police and Shin Bet arrested an Arab on suspicion of throwing a Molotov Cocktail at a house in Jaffa. An Arab 12-year-old boy suffered serious burns in the attack.

After the incident the suspect, along with his partner in the act, apparently fled the city and hid outside it. Tonight he returned to Jaffa, where Tel Aviv police detectives ambushed him and arrested him. Tonight there will be a hearing to extend his detention, which is currently being held behind closed doors.

Authorities are still hunting for the accomplice, who is not a resident of Jaffa. His identity is known to police

The boy suffered severe burns to his face and is currently hospitalized at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer. At first it was not clear whether Jewish or Arab rioters were the ones who threw the Molotov cocktail.