GazaRahim Khatib/Flash90

IDF spokesman Brigadier-General Hidai Zilberman hinted Saturday evening in an interview with Ynet that a ceasefire may be a long way off.

"From the first day, we hit senior officials - the most senior there are," he said. "We responded with great force, and the IDF's achievements are impressive."

"We are only in the middle. We are continuing, and we have another very very intense night ahead of us."

Meanwhile, the IDF has clarified that since 7:00a.m. Saturday morning, 278 rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel. Approximately 40 fell within Gaza.

"Air defense soldiers intercepted many dozens of rockets, in accordance with the intercept protocol," the IDF added.

At the same time, the Hamas military wing published a statement mocking Israel, stating that its commander Mohammed Deif had agreed "to remove the curfew on Tel Aviv" for two hours, between 10:00p.m. and midnight.

According to the Israel Electric Company, five of the ten high voltage power lines feeding electricity into Gaza were damaged by rocket launches from within Gaza. The company also noted that as of now, the power lines will not be fixed, since there is no safe way to access them.