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United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have all canceled flights to Israel over the ongoing violence there, but Israel’s El Al airline has vowed to “keep routes to and from Israel open in all situations in which it is possible to fly.”

United canceled flights from Chicago and Newark to Tel Aviv on Tuesday and others from San Francisco and Newark on Wednesday, Reuters reported Wednesday. Delta suspended flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Tel Aviv, telling Reuters it has “no determination about resumption at this juncture.”

American did not issue details but said it had issued a waiver to customers who had planned to travel to Israel through May 25.

Despite El Al’s hope to keep service running amidst the violence, Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv was shut down for part of Tuesday after rockets fired from Gaza landed in its vicinity.Globes reported that the airport has been mostly up and running since Tuesday, although some flights were rerouted to Ramon Airport, serving the southern resort of Eilat.