Bennett Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The Yamina party has ended its attempts to form an alternative government with Yesh Atid and other left-wing parties, committing itself to working towards either a right-wing or unity government with the Likud.

Yamina chief Naftali Bennett has resumed talks with the Likud, and in closed-door talks ruled out forming a government which relies on United Arab List (Ra’am) chairman Mansour Abbas.

“I’ve taken the 'change government' off of the table,” Bennett said. “A 'change government', as had been planned, won’t be able to hold up given the problems in mixed cities. Sending in the army to those cities and carrying out administrative arrests – those are things that cannot be done when you rely on Mansour Abbas.”

Bennett went on to say that he will try to bring in the New Hope, Blue and White, and Yesh Atid parties to a new government.

“I will work towards the establishment of a broad national unity government with Sa’ar, Gantz, and Lapid.”

Bennett notified Yesh Atid chief Yair Lapid of his decision.

An official from the New Hope party said Thursday that the faction has not changed its position.

“We do not plan on joining a government led by Netanyahu, and we are opposed to direct elections.”

Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen (Blue and White) said her faction won't 'deal with politics' during the ongoing security crisis.

“These days, we are committed to healing the Israeli society. We will not deal with politics while rockets are flying towards Israel’s citizens and the streets are ablaze from incitement. We strengthen the security forces. We were, we are and we will remain committed to the political bloc seeking change.”

Rightist lawmakers praised Bennett Thursday night, as did Yamina MK Amichai Shikli, who had expressed opposition to forming a government with left-wing and Arab parties.

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