Ido Svigal
Ido Svigalpicture used with permission of family

A preliminary investigation conducted by the Home Front Command into the circumstances of the death of Ido Avigal, the 5-year-old boy who was killed last night (Wednesday) by shrapnel from a rocket strike in Sderot, shows that the window in the fortified room where Ido was staying with his family was intact.

Despite this, shrapnel from the attack penetrated Ido's body and killed him due to the angle of penetration and force of the attack.

In light of the incident, authorities are examining the possibility of replacing the security windows throughout the Gaza periphery, Channel 13 News reported.

Earlier this morning, Barzilai Hospital reported an improvement in the condition of Ido's mother, who was hospitalized yesterday in intensive care while anesthetized and placed on an assisted breathing machine. She underwent surgery during the night ,during which a shard of shrapnel was removed from her neck. She regained consciousness Thursday and began to respond to her environment.

"A great disaster has befallen us," said his father Assaf. "We have not been able to digest that we are in a situation where parents have to bury their son. Hopefully he will be the last victim. My wife still does not know because she is on assisted breathing and anesthetized, we don't know how to tell her."

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