Jews running for cover as siren sounds in Ashdod
Jews running for cover as siren sounds in Ashdod Flash90

A Jewish radio station in South Africa decided to give its listeners a taste of life under fire in Israel, by broadcasting the “Code Red” siren over the waves.

Behadrey Haredim reports that ChaiFM, which broadcasts to the greater Johannesburg area on 101.9FM, wanted to enhance solidarity between its Jewish listeners and Jews living in Israel and suffering almost incessant barrages of missile fire from Gaza. Replaying the air-raid siren being heard by hundreds of thousands of Israelis, they decided, was an excellent way to transmit a sense of the terror the siren’s wail inspires.

The radio announcer also educated listeners on the proper procedure to be initiated when the air-raid siren is heard.

In an announcement to its employees, ChaiFM wrote: “To all our presenters and news announcers, with regard to the Code Red alert, due to security issues, we are giving the following instructions:

“If someone is interviewing someone located in Israel, and an air-raid siren is sounded in Israel at the time, the siren is not to be broadcasted over the airwaves, in order to enable the person being interviewed to hear the siren for himself.

“In such a situation, the interviewer should also remind the subject of the interview that the siren has sounded,” the instructions continue.

“We do not announce the precise locations of the missile strikes,” the instructions add, “and thank you for your cooperation.”