Pro-Israel protest
Pro-Israel protestTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Thousands of Pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian protestors scuffled during parallel demonstrations in New York City on Tuesday, with police in Manhattan erecting metal barricades between the two groups, reported Fox News.

New York police officers attempted to keep the groups separated, but videos posted to social media showed pro-Palestinian protestors breaking free through barricades and police in an attempt to reach and physically assault pro-Israel demonstrators.

One event, “Rally to save Palestine,” was held near the Israeli consulate. Security ordered staff to go home early to ensure their safety, reported the Times of Israel.

The rally's protestors moved toward Times Square chanting anti-Israel slogans, such as “Defend Jerusalem,” “No more money for Israeli crimes” and “Gaza under attack.” They encountered a group of several dozen pro-Israel demonstrators and entered into a shouting match with them, with police having to intervene. One of the pro-Palestinian group was arrested after he assaulted one of the pro-Israel marchers, attempting to grab their Israeli flag.

In another related social media video a Jewish man, who appeared to have been assaulted and was full of blood, stood behind a store window holding up his Star of David necklace as police held back a group of pro-Palestinian protestors who were screaming at him.

“My mother lives on the edge of Gaza,” Sophie Sassoon, who was at the pro-Israel demonstration, told CBS New York. “She’s in a shelter as we speak … This is war. I will not sit and watch the only democracy in the Middle East be ripped apart.”

According to CBS New York, there were attempts during the protests by people from both camps to de-escalate the situation and attempt a peaceful dialogue.

But their attempts at communication were drowned out by screaming from pro-Palestinian marchers.

“If this continues, not only Palestinians are gonna die; innocent Israelis are gonna die, too,” one of them said.

The Daily Mail received footage that showed fights breaking out on New York’s streets, with punches being thrown and a man covered in blood after someone hit him with a chair. The man was escorted away by police. It is not clear from the photo evidence reviewed if the man was part of one of the protests or a pedestrian who accidentally wandered into the area.