Karel Sedlacek blows shofar at Jerusalem Day ceremony in the Czech Chamber of Deputies
Karel Sedlacek blows shofar at Jerusalem Day ceremony in the Czech Chamber of DeputiesPhotoservice of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament

A Jerusalem Day Conference was organized simultaneously in the parliaments of both the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the participation of prominent politicians, Israeli ambassadors to the Czech Republic and Slovakia and well-known Christian and Jewish figures.

They discussed a strong alliance with Israel, Jerusalem as the indivisible capital of Israel while respecting the freedom of worship for all monotheistic religions, as well as opening of the embassies of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in Jerusalem.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondráček, expressed continued strong support for
Israel by the Czech political representation and described the opening of the Czech House and
diplomatic mission in Jerusalem as gradual steps towards moving the Czech embassy to Jerusalem.

This is one of the main goals of the Israel Allies Caucus in the Czech Parliament. Its chairman, MP
Miloslav Janulík, called the celebration of "Jerusalem Day with the Czech flag at our office a bit like
our little Czech miracle."

Peter Kremský, chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus in the National Council of the Slovak Republic,
believes in "expanding the Slovak diplomatic mission in Jerusalem" and renewing the joint Czech-
Slovak tradition of supporting Israel, which began as early as 1926 when Czechoslovakia established
a consulate in Jerusalem and sent Czechoslovak President T.G. Masaryk as the first statesman to visit

Israel's Ambassadors to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Daniel Meron and Boaz Modai, expressed
their gratitude for the assistance of Czechoslovakia in the early years of Israel’s formation and for
their continued support today. Meron noted that today these two countries are located in the heart of
Europe, and as such, are strategic and important partners for Israel.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion recalled the three thousand years of Israel's history since the foundation of Jerusalem by King David, the countless prayers of Jews for its restoration during their persecution, and stressed the importance of access to Jerusalem's holy sites for members of all faiths.

Peter Švec, Chairman of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem in Slovakia, reminded that it
was "the Christians from various denominations and nations, who displayed the courage that their governments lacked, were among the first ones in 1980 to publicly recognize Israel's right to declare Jerusalem as its capital and indivisible city."

Igor Rintel, Vice President of the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia,
promoted changing European Union (EU) policy to ensure it portrays accurate and unbiased information in relation to Israel.

The conference ended with a call from the Director of Czech Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus,
Karel Sedláček: "I firmly hope that the dignified reminder of the Day of Jerusalem will take root in
both Parliaments of our countries and the impulse from the Czech and Slovak Republics will find a
response in other countries as well."

Josh Reinstein, President of the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) which coordinates the efforts of 50
Israel Allies Caucuses in parliaments around the world, said: "I commend the IAF caucuses in the
Czech and Slovak Republics for initiating this recognition of Jerusalem Day within your parliaments."

"This is a model for other Israel Allies Caucuses to emulate and an important demonstration of faith-
based diplomacy in support for Israel."