Israeli President Reuven Rivlin castigated Arab rioters Wednesday, and accused Israeli Arab leaders of a “shameful” failure to quell violence in the Arab sector.

“The sight of the pogrom in Lod and the disturbances across the country by an incited and bloodthirsty Arab mob, injuring people, damaging property and even attacking sacred Jewish spaces is unforgiveable,” said Rivlin.

Responding to attacks Monday night and Tuesday night by Arab rioters against the Religious Zionist community in and around the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod, President Rivlin said the riots constituted a “brutal assault’ on Jewish-Arab coexistence.

“Tearing down the Israeli flag by Arab rioters and replacing it with the Palestinian flag is a brutal assault on shared existence in the State of Israel.”

“The silence of the Arab leadership about these disturbances is shameful, giving support to terrorism and rioting and encouraging the rupture of the society in which we live and in which we will continue to live once all this has passed.”

“The Israeli government must pursue the rioters with a firm hand restore security and order while fighting terrorism from Gaza without compromise.”

“Please pay very good attention to the instructions for keeping safe and reassure those close to you. Our forces who are fighting right now will overcome all our enemies as we have always done. We will all be a support for them.”

“This is the choice of our life - to be ready and armed, strong and determined, prepared to defend our home. We will overcome this testing time and will come out if it full of confidence and strength. This country belongs to us all, and more than anything we must be loyal to it and its laws.”