Israeli warplanes and artillery continued to strike the Gaza Strip Wednesday afternoon, as terrorists in the Strip fired rockets and at least one anti-tank missile into Israeli territory.

The latest wave of Israeli retaliatory airstrikes targeted senior Hamas military commanders in Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip, and in Khan Younis in the south.

Several commanders from Hamas General Staff Forum were eliminated Wednesday, including several officials close to Mohammed Deif, the supreme military commander of Hamas' Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The targeted killings of the General Staff Forum come after one person was killed and two injured Wednesday morning when terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired a missile at an Israeli town near the Gaza frontier.

One of the two injured victims is listed in critical condition, with the other in serious condition.

The Hamas terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, which used an anti-tank missile on the Israeli town of Netiv Ha'Asara. A jeep was struck and destroyed in the attack.

The missile attack follows two days of intense rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

Following Wednesday's missile attack, the death toll in Israel now stands at six.

Hundreds of rockets were launched Tuesday night at central and southern Israel, killing two people outside of the city of Lod and one in the city of Rishon Letzion.

Earlier on Tuesday, two women were killed in a rocket attack on Ashkelon.

In response, Israeli combat aircraft and helicopters struck hundreds of targets across the Gaza Strip since the rocket attacks began Monday, killing 49 according to Gaza health officials Wednesday afternoon.

Arab rioting continued overnight across Israel, including in mixed cities like Jerusalem and Lod, as well as across the Galilee and Negev regions.

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